Consider These 10 Essential Rules While Visiting A Newborn

Consider These 10 Essential Rules While Visiting A Newborn

Consider These 10 Essential Rules While Visiting A Newborn

Nothing compares to the thrill of meeting a baby. Whether it's your best friend or a relative who has given birth, the sight of an infant in all its tiny magnificence may delight everyone. Welcoming a baby is a period in which they must adjust to their new family dynamic. Furthermore, having guests might complicate their attempts to acclimate to a new way of life. There are, nevertheless, some etiquette rules that you must follow when visiting their house.

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They're soft and cuddly with that beautiful new baby fragrance. It's reasonable to want to get as many baby snuggles as possible when a loved one has a new baby. Here is our list of the Ten Commandments to remember while visiting the new angel!

  1. Choose the right time to visit the newborn

The finest moment to greet the bundle of joy is when they arrive home. It allows the parents to acclimatize, bond with the infant, and adjust to their new duties. While in the hospital, new parents can learn how to care for their infant from the medical personnel. Neonatologists believe that we should refrain from visiting them at all. Inform the parents if you want to see the infant in the hospital. Make an effort to keep your visit brief. Sitting for lengthy periods and chatting are not permitted in the presence of a baby. Also, follow the visiting hours.

  1. Make the visit short and sweet.

Newborns are pretty cute. When this tiny bundle of warmth is tucked in the crook of your arms, it's challenging to let go. The home can be joyful and serene, the hugs are cuddly and lovely, and there appears to be little reason not to remain on for hours enjoying the snuggles. However, new parents are exhausted. Any moments of silence are ideal opportunities for them to slumber or, at the very least, rest and regain strength. Being pleasant and present for visitors is exhausting after giving birth. It is best for everyone if your visitors know they should keep their visits brief.

  1. Hygiene should be your top priority

Be mindful of the fact that the mother and child are pretty susceptible to changes in the environment. If you are unwell or have been around sick people, do not visit a baby (if your child has a terrible cold, you should cancel even if the child isn't tagging along). It is better to ask the new parents before bringing your children to the hospital. Often, kids are tiny germ carriers, and having them around may make her feel uneasy. When you come, please wash your hands before the parents ask.

Wash your hands before touching the infant, even if you recently washed them. Most hospitals, ever since COVID-19 guidelines, now give a hand sanitizer beside the mother's bedside. If possible, don't wear too many bangles, hefty rings, and bracelets known to harbor germs. It is best to avoid using perfume or bringing flowers since the mother or infant may react to the scent/pollen.

Check the research by the National Library of Medicine for COVID-19 guidelines for visitors in the hospital.

  1. Smoking is an absolute no-baby zone!

Aside from the general hazards of smoking, there are a few other things to consider before visiting a baby and their family. 

The joy of a birth frequently overshadows some poor actions. A newborn infant, for example, should never be exposed to cigarette, cigar, or vape smoke, yet smokers often disregard second and third-hand smoking guidelines. Chemicals that stay on your clothing or body might harm your child if you smoke, shower, and change your clothing before meeting the infant. 

  1. Cuddles are accepted, but kisses are not allowed.


One crucial guideline you should insist on for newborn visitors is that they can cuddle your baby as much as they like but refrain from kissing them.

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Several instances have lately made news about newborns being gravely ill after being kissed by a guest with a cold sore. We've all heard terrible stories of unwittingly transmitting the herpes virus to babies. It's a good rule to avoid kissing a newborn on the face (or anywhere else). And, clean or not, never put your fingers in a baby's mouth. Ever.

  1. It's never too late to shower the baby with gifts!

Often, experts and mothers suggest that bringing gifts should be avoided. Small presents are ideal if you must get gifts for the newborn infant, especially during the hospital stay. Visitors should avoid getting large stuffed toys since they may harbor germs.

What you can and must bring along is a gift for the parents. The new parents would welcome moral support more than presents. Warm soup and cookies are the epitome of love! Check to see if you have any dietary limitations or preferences to consider, and then go for it! If you're not a cook, try giving a gift card to a local restaurant that delivers or a meal delivery service. It is a beautiful idea to provide home-cooked meals for the parents so that cooking is the least of their concerns. Sashtya, a mother of a 7-month-old, says she was delighted and overwhelmed with the food her aunt bought for the hospital stay.

  1. Helping is not a bad idea. But ask once before you dive in!

Remember that the gift of time with their new angel is the essential present you can offer the new parents. Helping the new parents is the right thing to do, but so is taking their consent. Once the parents approve, you can help them with the overwhelming list of tasks. Research by Penn Medical at Lancaster General Health suggests a few measures. Read them here.

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You can offer to carry the infant while she naps or showers. Ask them in advance for a grocery list. Check whether they need help at home. You can ask whether their elder child needs to be taken care of or their pet requires a walk. Offer to help around in the hospital or at home without making it obvious. According to Satshya, these statements can be the right way to approach. "Is there anything you need to be taken care of that is completely freaking you out?" I'd love to remove some of your tension."

  1. Judgment is not the right way forward

You may disagree with how the mother holds her kid or how the father changes the nappies, but don't judge them based on your preferences. Please refrain from talking about probable infections or try to scare them by telling them that hiccups might be deadly. Share the better ones if you still want to chat about old recollections. A new mother's hands will be full of caring for the infant. So, see if you can help in any way. Offering help that does not make the new mom feel incompetent or less is the only right way forward. Trust us when we say the mother will forever be thankful to you.

  1. Laughter and fun are welcomed, but not with a sleeping baby in the room.

Every guest wants to snuggle with your adorable newborn. But if you've just spent two hours trying to get them to sleep, the last thing you want to do is wake them up again. Tell the guests to wait if your infant is resting comfortably and you believe raising them for a hug would wake them. And if your baby naps the entire visit, they will have to be patient and return another time for cuddling. Lower your voice when speaking; you don't want to wake a sleeping infant or an irritated mother who has likely gone without food and sleep for hours to care for the youngster. Avoid squealing, clapping, or doing anything else that can wake the baby up.

  1. Don't be a paparazzi!

To respect boundaries and parental intentions, it's always a good idea to ask before taking a photo of the new baby (and posting it on social media). Also, because a flash might irritate a baby's eyes, please remember to turn it off before taking the picture.

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  1. Mindful conversations are healthy.

Again, we know you have the best of intentions. However, new mothers can be sensitive and may interpret your remarks and questions as judgemental without realizing it. Instead of inquiring about feeding preferences, shower the mother and infant with compliments. Before delving into personal details of the childbirth experience, check with them. Commenting on the mother's caring and nurturing role is not advisable. She is aware. Not many mothers immediately fall in love with their children. They may also feel postpartum depression or anxiety, disrupting their child's bond. Questions that presume everything is excellent may cause her to feel guilty and unhappy.

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Delivering a baby is a challenging and exhausting process. The new mother will require time to heal from childbirth and labor's physical and mental strains. After giving birth, energy must be replenished, whether the delivery process is easy or difficult. When the parent's angel arrives, they are already sleep-deprived. Thus, it should go without saying that relaxation and healing require time and space. Remember, the infant is adjusting to life outside the womb, and the mother is changing to accommodate her new love. While visiting, be considerate and follow these golden rules.